About s2Member

s2Member is a WordPress plugin, it enables content restriction management. It restricts users of viewing specific parts of your websites content.

Are you running a successful news platform and want to create and present premium content to your users? s2Member will help you to protect this content. Simply create your content and assign a access level. When your visitors view the page it will hide the content. Enter a s2Member shortcode to your page and show a signup form for not logged in users. As soon as your visitor has signed up and logged in it can access the hidden content.

Pronamic Pay and s2Member

Our Pronamic Pay plugin extends the s2Member plugin and makes it possible to connect to multiple payment providers not supported by the plugin itself.

Mollie for s2Member

One of the most popular payment providers in Europe is Mollie. s2Member does not support the Mollie payment provider. Our Pronamic Pay plugin makes this possible!

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Manuals and documentation

Read our manuals for more information regarding installations and configuring Pronamic Pay.